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SBLC/BG/MT760,Proof of Funds,Financing & Loan/Credit,Monetization.

SBLC/BG/MT760,Proof of Funds,Financing & Loan/Credit,Monetization.



Do you need an affordable SBLC/BG to fulfill a contractual committment,secure financing for your projects,secure loan for your funding?
Do you need an SBLC for additional collateral for a credit line?

We have several options available from both top world banks.

General Guidelines:
* Fees as low as 4% annually.
* EUR/USD 1 million minimum instrument size.
* Instruments are cash-backed.
* 366 day term.
* Delivery is by SWIFT MT760.

Proof of Funds Services.
Do you need to "show" money in a bank account to help close your deal?
Do you need a bank statement or bank letter in your name?
Do you need a SWIFT799 or other message sent on your behalf?

Are you trying to close a commodity import/export transaction and need to prove available funds?

We have several options available utilizing our banking resources

General Guidelines:
* $500,000 minimum account up to $500 Million.
* Account can be in personal or company name.
* Account term is 30 days with renewal options.
* Bank statement and letter is provided along with banker phone verification.
* SWIFT 799 and other messages available.

Other financial services such as: monetization,Loan/Credit,project financing,Bank draft,MT103 are also avaliable.

We also monetize your SBLC/BG,also if you do not have a monetizer,we can lease/sale and monetize same BG/SBLC for you.

I will be glad to share our working procedures with you upon request to help us proceed towards closing deals effectively.

Thank you,
Whelan Spicer
Email: whelanspicer@gmail.com


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Автор: Whelan Spicer

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